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Governmental Organizations
Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
JDA : Japan Defence Agency
JSC : Join Staff Council
JGSDF : Japan Ground Self Defence Force (Japanese Army)
JMSDF : Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (Japanese Navy)
JASDF : Japan Air Self-Defense Force (Japanese Air Force)

MOFA : Ministry of Forign Affairs

JCG : Japan Coast Guard

PSIA : Public Security Intelligence Agency

MHLW : Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Narcotics Agent

NPA : National Police Agency
MPD : Metropolitan Police Department

Hokkaido Prefectural Police

Tohoku Region
Aomori Prefectural Police
Akita Prefectural Police
Iwate Prefectural Police -Japanese Only
Miyagi Prefectural Police
Yamagata Prefectural Police -Japanese Only
Fukushima Prefectural Police -Japanese Only

Kinki Region
Osaka Prefectural Police
Hyogo Prefectural Police -Japanese Only
Kyoto Prefectural Police -Japanese Only
Nara Prefectural Police -Japanese Only
Wakayama Prefectural Police -Japanese Only

Non-Governmental Organizations
JRCL(Chukakuha) : Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Chukakuha)
JRCL(Revolutionary Marxist faction : Japan Revolutionary Communist League Revollutionary Marxist Faction
Religious Organization ALEPH = old AUM Supreme Truth
General Association of Korean Residents in Japan -Japanese or Korean