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Inagawa Kai
President : Kakuji Inagawa (accession to the President: from Oct., '85)
Chancellor : Doi Inagawa (accession to the Chancellor; from Oct., '90)
Headquarters : Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
memberfs : about 5,100 people

Sumiyoshi Kai
President : Shigeo Nishiguchi (accession to the President: from Feb., '91)
Chancellor : Haruaki Fukuda (accession to the Chancellor; from '98)
Headquarters : Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
members : about 6,200 people

Yamaguchi Gumi
most largest Yakuza.
'Kumicho'[Charge Hand] : Yoshinori Watanabe(accession to the Kumicho : from April, 1989)
General Headquarters : Shinoharahoncho, Nada-ku, Kobe city, Hyogo Prefecture
members : about 17,500 people

Exective Office:
-Chief of General Headquarters - Saizo Kishimoto/Charge Hand of Kishimoto Gumi
    (act as the 'Waka-Gashira'[Executive Director] and the 'Syatei-Gashira'[Leader])
-Deputy Chief of General Headquarters - Tetsuo Nogami
-Assistant Executive Director -Goro Hanabusa/Kumicho of the Hanabusa Gumi
-Assistant Executive Director -Kenkichi Kuwata/Kumicho of the Yamaken Gumi
    (accession to the Assistand Executive Director : from 1990. 1997.12.26-arrested for a violation of the Firearm Control Law -under detention)
-Assistant Executive Director -Shinobu Tsukasa/'Kaicho'[Chairman] of the Kodo Kai
-Assistant Executive Director -Takashi Takizawa/'Socho'[chancellor] of the Hanabishi Kai
-Assistant Executive Director -Masaaki Furukawa/Kumicho of the Furukawa Gumi
-Assistant Executive Director -Tadamasa Goto/Kumicho of the Goto Gumi
    (born in 16th, 9, 1942. accession to the Assistand Executive Director : from 5th, July, 2002.)
-Assistant Leader -Syoroku Ishida/Kaicho of the Syoyu Kai (old four heavenly kings of the Yanagawa Gumi)
-Assistant Leader -Kazumi Nishiwaki/Kumicho of the Nishiwaki Gumi
-Assistant Leader -Haruo Oishi
'Yoriai'/regular conference : 5th of the Month. All lineal Kumicho gather at the state room on the 2nd floor of the General Headquarters.
Block System : Regular Conference and Block Conference are held on every month by lineal Kumichos.
-Kanto Block (Hokkaido+Tohoku+Kanto)
    Block Chief : Takashi Takizawa/'Socho'[chancellor] of the Hanabishi Kai
    Devputy Block Chief : Tadamasa Goto/Kumicho of the Goto Gumi
-Chubu Block
-Hanshin Block
-North Osaka Block
-Mid-Osaka Block
-South Osaka Block
-Chugoku-Shikoku Block
-Kyusyu Block
Left Wing

JRCL (Revolutionary Marxist faction) : Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction)

JRCL (Chukakuha0 : Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Chukakuha)

religious Extremist

Religious Organization ALEPH (old AUM Supreme Truth/AUM Shinrikyo)

Headquarters : GS Heim Karasuyama, 6-33-14, Minimikarasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
live-in followers : about 650 people
live-out followers : about 1000 people
followers in Russia : about 300 people

Executive Officer
Holy Name
Holy Post
Joyu Fumihiro
Right Great Gyani
Representative (combine with corporation business)
Minoru Sugiura
Right Enlightenment Gyani
(Maha Mudra)
Vice Representative (combine with billing and accounting supervisor)
Tatsuko Muraoka
Right Enlightenment Gyani
(Maha Mudra)
Shigeru Sugiura
Vajyrachitta Vangisa
Right Enlightenment Gyani
(Maha Mudra)
Chief of Promoting Social Harmonization
Naruhito Noda
Right Enlightenment Gyani
(Maha Mudra)
Chief instructor of Concentrated Ascetic Training
Under Joyu Fumihiro, AUM was reformed its organization and changed its name to 'Aleph' on January of 2000. Aleph, however, is under surveillance, and conducted an on-the-spot inspection by PSIA.
Aleph has now official schools, it's called 'Dojo', in 14 cities..
The member aspire to step up spiritually with Yoga and getting over cruel or extreme training called 'samadhi' on each step. For example, Joyu, the representative of Aleph, said he made good in five-days underground-samadhi in 1991. This samadhi makes you bolt in enclosed space into underground for a few days without anything to drink and eat. Depending upon this success, he got a strong position in AUM.

27. 02. '04 : Chizuo Matsumoto(aka. Shoko Asahara), founder of AUM, was sentenced to death by the Tokyo Districet Court.
18. 01. '00 : AUM was reorganized and renamed to Aleph under Joyu Fumihiro.
16. 05. '95 : Asahara was arrested.
20. 03. '95 : Sarin Gas Attack in the Tokyo Subway System. 12 people dead. 3794 people injured.
Untill this time, followers were about 1700 people.
xx. 07. '94 : AUM started to product VX gass.
27. 06. '94 : Matsumoto City Sarin Incident.
01. 05. '94 : AUM succeeded in LSD synthesis.
18. 12. '93 : AUM attempted an assassination of Daisaku Ikeda, honorary chairman of Soka Gakkai, with releasing sarin around him, but it missed. Tomomitsu Niimi, a person who released sarin, was critically ill from sarin inhalation.
xx. 11. '93 : AUM succeeded in producting 600g of sarin.
xx. 07. '93 : AUM released anthrax into the air from AUM's buildeing, but it went wrong.
xx. 03. '93 : Asahara foretold Armageddon in 1997 in his book -Shoko Asahara, frisson frophecies.
xx. 09. '92 : founded Moscow Branch.
xx. 11. '90 : AUM founded Russia Japan University in Russia.
18. 02. '90 : 25 members stood for the House of Representatives, but all lost.
Shoko Asahara ordered to culture botulinum.
04. 11. '89 : The Sakamotos was killed by members of AUM.
25. 08. '89 : AUM was authorized as a religious corporation.
xx. 08. '89 : AUM established political party named AUM Shinri Party.
xx. 07. '87 : AUM Shinsen-no-kai was renamed to AUM Sinrikyo. Followers were about 600 people.
14. 02. '84 : Chizuo Matsumoto founded AUM Shinsen-no-kai, and identified himself as Shoko Asahara.